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News archive

Archive of all Telenor Maritime's posted articles. 

Navigating the Digital Seas

How can the variety of systems and equipment on board a ship function together and communicate, let alone make good use of each other, when they do not even speak the same language?

Beyond line-of-sight communications

In December 2020, Telenor Maritime acquired KNL Networks, a Finnish technology company that specialises in maritime digitalisation and secure HF radio communications.

ANEK Lines

ANEK Lines is one of the largest passenger shipping companies in Greece. It operates passenger ferries...

Radio link network

In a world that demands 5G networks for connecting almost 24 billion devices (that number is expected to pass 40 billion by 2025)*...

Save time and money:

To survive and thrive through challenging times needs proactive leadership rather than reactive. In the shipping business...

Maritime digital communications

Knut Fjellheim, Chief Technology Innovation Officer and Morten Aarvik, Sales Manager, IoT & Digitalization at Telenor Maritime in Norway talk about digitizing the marine industry.

Strategic partnership

Telenor Maritime and Color Line are stepping up the pace for the digitalisation of the shipping industry.

Barents Sea environment

Telenor Maritime has entered into an agreement with Vår Energi AS to equip the Goliat field in the Barents Sea with 2G and 4G networks...

Wi-Fi, 3G and backhaul services

Telenor Maritime, the global maritime mobile operator, team up with Finnlines and announces the introduction of the mobile ecosystem onboard their passenger ships...

Premium Wi-Fi and backhaul services

Telenor Maritime, the global maritime mobile operator, today announces an expansion of the communications services deploying our connectivity platform with Premium Wi-Fi...

Mobile and internet to 33 cruise ships

MCP has signed a long-term contract with Carnival Corporation to provide 33 cruise ships with advanced mobile cellular communication services. The agreement provides close to...

MCP rollout 4G offshore

Maritime Communication Partner (MCP) has today announced plans to rollout a LTE (4G) network on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS). The move will create a high-speed...

Returns to Win Offshore

Jan Erik Norli, newly appointed sales director for MCP’s offshore business unit, is thrilled to return to the company where he is regarded as the sales pioneer.

Offshore crews get connected

MCP has signed contract with the leading offshore shipping operator Gulf Offshore. The deal provide ships with seamless mobile phone coverage and internet access.