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color magic

Strategic partnershipCelebrating 15 years of collaboration

Telenor Maritime and Color Line are stepping up the pace for the digitalisation of the shipping industry.

Reading time: 1 minute

Telenor Maritime and Color Line are celebrating 15 years of extensive collaboration with a new strategic partnership agreement. This agreement will further empower Color Line’s digital strategy and release future competitive advantages such as data-driven energy optimisation, predictive maintenance, and freight optimisation. Continually pursuing the elimination of the “digital divide” between offshore and onshore industries, Telenor Maritime provides Color Line with the same quality of experience at sea as expected on land.

Sustainability through technology

Color Line, an essential player in sea transport and an accelerator in developing modern and future-oriented shipping, is working strategically and resolutely on environmentally friendly solutions. The new long-term strategic partnership with Telenor Maritime is ambitious and will secure Color Line a leading position in the technology-driven digital green shift. The agreement will provide the Color Line fleet with the latest 5G technology, a significant increase in data capacity via Radio Link, and enable access to a separate, cyber-secure communication channel dedicated to operational traffic digitalisation.

For years, Telenor Maritime has been the leading global communications partner at sea, with a secure connectivity platform that provides mobile coverage, internet and backhaul for the maritime industry. We have been at the forefront of digitalising our partners’ businesses, and I am very pleased with the opportunity to support Color Line in their ambitious digital strategy. This is a recognition of our high level of service and our staff’s competence and expertise. We are happy and proud to continue our journey together with Color Line.

Lars Erik Lunøe, CEO Telenor Maritime

Connecting Northern Europe through a new digital maritime highway

The future of maritime connectivity is more speed and smart data at a lower cost. That is why Telenor Maritime is investing in building “a digital highway,” a Radio Link network with full coverage of Skagerrak, Kattegat, and the western Baltics, planned to be operative within the first half of 2021. The Radio Link network will provide high speed and increased broadband capacity, by auto-beaming a wireless signal from ship to shore, keeping vessels connected at all times. Radio Link enables the vessel to participate in the shipowner’s digital strategy, allowing passengers to experience the Internet like at home and conference guests to do business as usual. As a partner, Color Line will greatly benefit from this. It will support their corporate digital strategy, increase their competitive edge, and strengthen their market position.

Increasing profitability through operational excellence

Telenor Maritime offers a dedicated end-to-end channel for reliable, secure, and above all, affordable access to business-critical information through a unique worldwide mesh network. The easy-to-install technology provides the industry with a unique opportunity to quickly utilise digitilised solutions, enabling the shipowner to make data-driven decisions, improve efficiency, and work towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Sea transport has a high priority in achieving national and international climate goals, and Color Line’s sea environmental strategy influences the company’s initiatives. Digitalisation and greener shipping are closely linked, and the two areas will be at the top of our future agenda. Beyond that, we are naturally concerned with offering our customers on board class-leading digital experiences. This requires increased bandwidth and secure connectivity, delivered safely and redundantly. To achieve this, we are depending on working with the best. We believe Telenor Maritime will be a good partner also for years to come with the ambitions the company has for developing new technology and solutions which is very well aligned with Color Line’s goals.

Are Paulsrud, CTO, Color Line