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Radio link and hybrid connectivity for the whole Color Line fleet.All ships are now connected to the radio link network.

Last year, in collaboration with Nowhere Networks, we successfully deployed a radio link network in Skagerrak and Kattegat. The network opened up new opportunities for Color Line and provided their passengers and crew with better internet experience.

by:  Roger Vimme
Reading time: 3 minutes

Are Paulsrud, CTIO at Color Line, had high expectations of the network, and was not disappointed. “We have been able to provide a much faster internet experience to our passengers, even during high peak seasons. Operations-wise, we have launched several services that wouldn’t be possible without the broadband capacity of the radio link. There is no doubt that the radio link network is one of the cornerstones that enables our digitalisation strategy to move forward.”

Earlier this spring, Color Line has enrolled their Color Viking and Color Hybrid in the same set-up. “The standardisation of the ship to shore backhaul leads to a unified customer experience and simplicity in operations. This makes further development and digitalisation much easier for us.”, says Are. With the latest addition of Color Carrier, the whole Color Line fleet is now connected to the radio link network.

Connectivity solutions illustration

The future of connectivity is hybrid

Though radio link technology isn’t new, flagship companies like Color Line are finding new ways to utilise it to deliver on their strategic goals faster and more efficiently. At Telenor Maritime, we see an increased interest in combining traditional connectivity with radio link from other ferry companies as well. More and more operators are looking at alternative ways to provide faster and cheaper connectivity to meet the expectations of their passengers or advance their digitalisation goals. Routes where connectivity from shore has not previously been available, are close enough for a radio link to reach, enabling a redundant hybrid connectivity solution, superior to standalone GEO satellites in both speed and latency – at a much lower cost.

Our Connectivity Platform is a solution that combines multiple backhaul bearers, like radio link and VSAT, into a powerful connectivity source. It provides secure, hybrid connectivity that can be used for both passengers and operational purposes.

If you are interested in learning more about what radio link and hybrid connectivity can do for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us for a casual discussion. We will help you find the best solutions for you and your passengers.

Roger Vimme Head of Sales +47 907 83 495 View full profile