telenor maritime wifi service portal

Wi-Fi Service PortalBetter on-board experience for your passengers

Wi-Fi Service Portal is a digital platform that provides ship owners with a unique communication channel and enhances passenger experience on board. 

The Wi-Fi Service Portal is a digital information channel, customized for each ship and destination – reaching out to all connected passengers. Passengers are seeking information and entertainment during their time on board, and the Wi-Fi Service Portal is the main hub for enabling this to meet passengers’ expectations.

Benefits of the Wi-Fi Service Portal

  • Ship overview and sales-driven activities – for restaurants, tax-free and onboard activities
  • Local streaming of TV-series, movies, and video
  • Live ship location update – a map with the dynamic location of the ship
  • Utilize digitalization to improve and enhance passenger experience by reducing pain points such as passenger flow optimization, promoting onboard services and loyalty programs
  • Enable innovation and open for new business opportunities between ship owners and third parties
  • Improve user experience of Wi-Fi Service: Gather user feedback to continuously improving the user experience and the Wi-Fi Service Portal
  • Customized solutions for your vessel like shipowners’ business class, conference and events and shipowners’ APP as part of the solutions.