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Wi-Fi Service PortalBetter on-board experience for your passengers

Wi-Fi Service Portal is a digital platform that provides ship owners with a unique communication channel and enhances passenger experience on board. 

Wi-Fi Service Portal will serve as a main hub for enabling digital passenger experience, providing information about on-board activities and restaurants, and enabling purchasing of internet access through wi-fi.


Main benefits:

  • Promote your on-board activities for restaurants, tax-free and more directly on passengers' devices.
  • Enable third-party services like QR-code menus or local streaming of TV-series, movies, and video.
  • Live ship location update – a map with the dynamic location of the ship.
  • Easily gather user feedback and conduct surveys.
  • Customise content for your vessels, promote loyalty programs and apps, tailor conference and event content and more.

Woman holding a smartphone on board the ship


Features in version 3.0

  • Presale portal - A webshop for purchase of internet access before the journey.
  • Content Management System (CMS) - Create, publish and edit your own content on the WSP, including local preview of content. Dynamic adding of info-sub-pages.
  • Package for onboard services - Implement digital onboard services like QR codes, Favrit.no and more.
  • New design - look & feel - Now also customisable with your own brand: logo, colours and fonts.
  • Improved performance - Support for new Android voucher printer and "Find voucher code" feature.

New features for Wi-Fi Service Portal - version 4.0 

  • Implementation of Apple Pay and Google, as a secure payment solutions for Wi-Fi as a complement to the traditional credit card payment 
  • New concept for Wi-Fi package management
  • Implementation of “offline functionality” in order to increase sale and customer experience through attraction of more users and enhanced user experience

Try it out

Logg in to our Demo ship, and try out the Wi-Fi Service portal. 


Demo Ship - Wi-Fi Service Portal

Let us give you a demonstration

Submit the form below to request a live demo of the new Wi-Fi Service Portal.