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telenor maritime ship mobile service

Ship mobile serviceConnectivity for personal devices at sea

Ship mobile service provides mobile connectivity for all your passengers and crew, no matter where your journey at sea takes you.

  • Over 400 roaming partners around the world
  • ITU-Certified global mobile operator

Stay connected at sea

The ability to communicate, update social media in real-time, and check the latest updates from friends and relatives has become an essential requirement for passengers. Using multiple connectivity sources, our innovative solutions ensure mobile coverage in places other providers cannot reach.

Telenor Maritime goes beyond serving basic communication needs. Business benefits are personalized passenger services, providing a world-class, mobile-centric solution to everyone on board.

The best mobile experience at sea since 2002

Our innovative mobile solutions define mobile communication standards at sea. Our customers operate in the cruise, ferry, fisheries and offshore industries. Our full-fledged, end-to-end mobile connectivity portfolio caters for all mobile communications needs at sea and supports all current mobile technologies and devices. Our owner, Telenor ASA, ranks among the 10 largest mobile operators in the world.

Telenor Maritime continuously invests in maintaining a technology leadership position, ensuring that future market needs can be served. We guarantee reliable network uptime with 24/7 support and predictable QoE.

Travel eSIM for ship owners

An eSIM is a digital SIM that replaces or complements the physical, removable SIM card in mobile phones and devices. A device can usually have multiple eSIMs installed, which allows the users to switch between different cellular plans.

Why offer travel eSIM to your passengers?

Predictable Costs
Passengers can enjoy transparent, affordable cellular plans, eliminating unexpected charges - "bill shocks".

Revenue Assurance
Offer additional data services with enhanced security for additional Wi-Fi passengers. 

Seamless connectivity
Passengers can stay connected seamlessly on board and at destinations without the inconvenience of buying local SIM cards.