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About usTelenor Maritime

Telenor Maritime is a truly global connectivity provider at sea. Both a mobile operator and a digitalisation partner for the maritime industry.

Telenor Maritime has over 120 employees, and is headquartered in Arendal, Norway with local offices in Europe, Asia and North America. Serving in excess of 100 shipowners, we are an ITU-certified global mobile operator with over 400 roaming partners, connecting 30 million people through more than 500 installations on vessels, and offshore platforms and rigs worldwide.

Telenor Maritime is a truly global connectivity provider at sea. Both a mobile operator and a digitalisation partner for the maritime industry. Being a go-to partner for both NGO's and governmental organisations, Telenor Maritime is a major contributor for digitalising the commercial shipping fleet. 

Delivering the best mobile experience at sea since 2004, Telenor Maritime connects both crew and passenger to what matters most. We are ever at the forefront of implementing new connectivity technology and defining secure communications for our customers.

Telenor Maritime provides end-to-end connectivity for passengers and crew at sea to use their devices in much the same manner as they would on shore.

Leading the digital transformation at sea

For the shipowner and operators, Telenor Maritime is an enabler for digitalisation. Our connectivity technology and data-sharing platform is enabling more efficient maritime operations all over the world.  Making data accessible, both on board and on shore. This technology is usable for all onboard stakeholders, enabling onboard OEM's talk to each other. This is paving the way for new applications and business and contributes to lower costs. But more importantly, this digitalisation is a major contributor to lowering maritime emissions, on the way to a maritime sustainable future. That is why Telenor Maritime is leading the digital transformation at sea.

Through our owner, Telenor ASA, Telenor Maritime has access to a broad range of competence and resources, from market insight and innovation to product and content development. Headquartered with Research & Development in Arendal, Norway, Telenor Maritime has local offices in Europe, Asia and North America to meet ever-increasing global demands.