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telenor maritime unified hosting service

Unified Hosting Service™Onboard data-sharing platform

An on-board data-sharing service that hosts applications to enable digitalisation of your vessel operations. The platform allows applications to collect, share and reuse operational data on board, as well as easily access the data from shore.

  • Collect on-board data once, reuse and share it with any approved party on board.
  • Data from the entire fleet can be easily accessed from shore with any existing backhaul.
  • Doesn’t require internet connection to keep on-board applications running.
  • Choose between existing applications or create your own.


UHS® is a platform for innovation and digitalisation, that enables cost savings and a more secure infrastructure. The platform collects data from IoT sources on the ship and enables integration between shore and ship. Vessel data sharing and reuse gives the ability to see data across ships and do fleet optimisation. UHS® makes it easy to collect data across equipment and vendors and implement 3rd party cost-saving applications.


Examples of use

One application that can be run on the UHS® is DNV Safety Risk Application. This application uses real-time data and risk management technology to provide digital checklists, real-time warning systems and monitoring of safety critical ship operations.

Another application that can run on the UHS® is collection of data to the MRV report which is used to comply with International Emission Regulations. The application will collect navigation data combined with cargo and fuel consumption logs and this can be used to calculate CO2 emissions per voyage.

How does the UHS® work?

The system, UHS®, collects data by using the vessel data collector that integrates according to class societies' cyber requirements. The Vessel data collector integrates towards the bridge and engine control system or other preferred systems. It collects and standardises the data into an ISO format. After collecting, the data is sent to the on-board Unified Hosting Service™. This is a middle ware software layer that can host different microservice applications. In addition, the UHS® is a hosting platform for existing legacy systems. It integrates data from different ship-board systems into a common data storage and add metatags to the data according to maritime naming rules. The data can then be shared in the same way as in a land-based ecosystem.