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arkivbilde statsraad lehmkuhl til havs under seil sommeren 2018 ooc 00062 foto jesper rosenmai

Digitalisation: a key to greener shippingTM CEO speech at OneOcean event in Miami

In 2020 - the world hit milestone when it came to IOT devices.For the first time in history, the number of IoT devices finally surpassed the number of personal devices. This change is happening fast all over the industry! If we ask researchers, they say that the shipping industry is expecting to double the number of applications used on board their vessels by 2023.*

Reading time: 1 minute

We are already seeing the implications of this. The amount of data is exploding. And as a result, we need to think in new ways about where we store it, how we transmit it, and how we process it. If your data is lost ­– it is a problem. If your data gets hacked – it is a problem. If your vessel is out of reach – it needs a solution.

The explosion of IoT devices gives us a lot of opportunities – but if not handled and cared for in the right way – digitalisation might end up giving your organization a lot of unforeseen headaches instead of all the benefits we all hear about. These are typical examples of problems we love to solve at Telenor Maritime. We have been innovating maritime communications for almost 2 decades. We do this because our vision has always been about improving the lives of the people travelling and working at sea. Our purpose is connecting you to what matters most.


Number of devices connected woldwide. Source: Statista

It means connecting your passengers and crew to their loved ones. It means connecting scientists to data that is collected during Lehmkuhls journey. It means connecting manufacturers to their equipment. It means connecting you to your business. When we help connect people, we make sure your employees and passengers are happier and safer. When we help connect things, we make sure your business is running smooth and uninterrupted. We all know how this in turn will increase efficiency and revenue.

If digitalisation is to become the key component of greener shipping, merely having access to all this “IoT data” is not enough. All the data you gather has limited meaning if you cannot take the information you collected - and use it somewhere else! We see this all over the industry in different areas - vessel operations, hotel management on board, maintenance. It is also becoming a prerequisite for solution-as-a-service economy that manufacturers are now adapting to. But this is also where we can help.

As a neutral company, we can break down the barriers between the different systems and applications to give you the power of insight, enabling you to take the right action on matters that are important to you - across your entire operations. Just think how much hassle you could save your crew if regulatory environment checklist just completed itself – and was sent to the port authorities automatically?

Let’s take a simple light bulb as an example.

It affects customer experience – a blown bulb (or poor internet connection, or low temperature of the cabin – take your personal pick here) gives the impression that the ship is being maintained poorly and directly affects the customer experience.

It is about monitoring power consumption and sustainability – the ability to remotely manage and control all power consuming devices will be key to the efficient and sustainable operation across the vessel.

It requires maintenance – Digitalising manual processes such as maintenance requests will streamline operations, ensuring the vessel has the right staff in the right positions.

Light bulb glowing

So, how many such “light bulbs” are you checking manually today? :)

To make life more simple for you, we have spent the last few years on developing a technical platform that enables you to solves these kind of issues. We call this platform Unified Hosting Service.

But what makes our Unified Hosting Service™ ­ – a great service?

  • It promotes UHS is a pre-requisite for vessel optimization, it helps enable remote operations and eases compliance with environmental regulations. It’s edge-processing setup saves energy by reducing amount of data that needs to be transmitted and stored.
  • It is vendor-neutral. It works with the technology you have already invested in, and we can make it talk to any other system out there: one interface to unite all application, signals and systems ­– old and new – to provide crew and shoreside staff with a better situation awareness.
  • It is secure by design – and we know the importance of this. Just think what happened when Maersk was hacked. Computer and communication security has become a prime point in any modern system, and with our built-in effort this is at the core of the entire technology – not just an add-on.

Unified Hosting Service benefits the people around you: Your passengers are more delighted with their holiday, your crew is more efficient and safe at work, your employees on shore are confident in their decision-making. And you can achieve it all while at the same time accomplishing your sustainability goals.

Wherever your digitalisation course may take you, whichever manufacturers, applications or partners you choose – we are here to make your journey smooth.

Thank you.


This speech was first heard during the OneOcean Expedition event, "Towards green shipping", in Miami on December 8th, 2021.

 *According to “Digitalisation uncovered – what’s next for shipping” Inmarsat/Lloyds list

Lars Erik Lunøe CEO +47 909 73 006 View full profile