telenor maritime connectivity platform

Connectivity PlatformPower of multiple connectivity sources combined

The Connectivity Platform is a solution that combines multiple backhaul bearers into a powerful connectivity source. It provides secure, hybrid connectivity and comes in many configurations, adapting to the purpose it is meant to serve.

  • Utilise all your existing backhaul sources
  • Enable the use of IoT and personal devices
  • Leo-ready solution

All your connectivity working for all your devices

Connectivity Platform can be scaled from one single modem to a fully configured platform with multiple bearers and modems. The architecture is designed and intended to serve as a business enablement platform from which the owner can launch a multitude of different services as part of an overall digital strategy.

The Telenor Maritime Connectivity Platform offers several functions that secure an exceptional end user service. The routing setup enables network separation, firewall & filtering, tunneling, and traffic steering & switching. Link bundling and load balancing ensures that traffic can be routed over several bearers and that the capacity of the bearers is utilized optimally. Priority ensures that correct bandwidth is assigned to different services. TCP acceleration & compression makes it possible to better utilize and save bandwidth.