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color line cruises

Telenor Maritime provides mobile and wifi services on all color line vessels

Telenor Maritime have a long standing relation to Color Line, and today announces an expansion of the communications services onboard the entire Color Line fleet, deploying connectivity platforms supporting the complete digital value chain that will greatly enhance the customer experience.

Reading time: 2 minutes

“Telenor Maritime is a mobile company at sea, placing the mobile in the center of all we do. With our connectivity platform, we take full end-to-end responsibility for connecting the applications; the access layer with the onboard mobile and WiFi systems; and the backhaul from Ka/Ku satellite and land-based mobile broadband from our network of global operators,” said Frode Støldal, CEO of Telenor Maritime.

The THOR-7 Ka high-performance satellite provides seamless coverage throughout Europe, favorable in the northern regions where Color Line operates, enabling unprecedented performance for mobile services and applications.

“The introduced connectivity platform will be a major steppingstone for the ongoing digital transformation within Color Line. Our focus is always to improve the end user experience, and improve operational efficiency,” Frode Støldal continues.

“The agreement with Telenor Maritime means that we can offer full WiFi coverage on our vessels with increased capacity and bandwidth during Q1 2017. This enables further investments in digital solutions to provide guests with the best experience on board,” explains Marianne Gade Gørbitz, CIO of Color Line.

About Telenor Maritime
Telenor Maritime is the mobile operator at sea, the marine communication specialist, providing global mobile coverage, Internet, and backhaul for the offshore and fishing industry, cruise ships, and ferries. Telenor Maritimes offices are located in Arendal, Stavanger, Bergen, Norway, Stockholm, Sweden and Ft. Lauderdale, (FL) USA. Telenor Maritime is part of Telenor ASA, one of the world’s major mobile operators. Through Telenor, we have access to a broad range of competence and resources to market, product, innovation and content development. We enable the best mobile experience at sea.


Frode Støldal, CEO, Telenor Maritime