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europort 2021 campaign image

Telenor Maritime at Europort 2021Meet us 2.–5. November in Rotterdam

Telenor Maritime at the international exhibition, Europort 2021, 2–5 November, 2021 in Rotterdam.

Telenor Maritime is in HALL 3 at stand 3201 at Europort 2021. 

The connectivity world is changing

The telecommunication environment is changing rapidly: New Low-Orbit-Satellites are launched as we speak, 4G/LTE GSMA networks are upgraded globally to 5G and the Wireless Broadband Association (WBA) launched Wi-Fi 6.0 enabling roaming. So how is this impacting our maritime sector?

Connectivity is provided at higher speed, with lower-latency at affordable cost allowing secure transport of data and communications from ship to shore. 

In the midst of this ever-changing environment Telenor Maritime is providing connectivity to facilitate the digitalisation on-board via cloud hosted platforms to the office environment.

Our via secure managed connectivity is used by millions of guests and crew members on board Cruise, Ferry, Fishery, Offshore and Merchant vessels.

To support the demand for near-shore mobile connectivity, via mobile networks, we provide antenna’s modems and sims. Combined in one solution or stand alone. With Telenor Maritime you are in good company, for now and in the future! 

Europort 2021: Free trails

Meet us in HALL 3 at stand 3201 at Europort 2021. Or sign up below to get started!

Free trials 100GB/Month

Ours customers belong to worlds most famous and largest fleets. Can we welcome you on board as well?
Sign up for free trails (100 GB/Month free EU usage) and start benefiting from low cost/ reliable global connectivity now. 

Free trial opportunity with WaveAccess Collect

Enabling secure and efficient operations by providing global access to data WaveAccess Collect is an end-to-end solution where data signals are collected directly from on-board equipment and systems. The collected data can be used directly on board or transferred to shore over the Telenor Maritime’s near-shore connectivity solution, or other backhauls.

  • Providing higher accuracy of locational data
  • Navigational signals are gathered from an additional
  • GPS antenna of the near-shore connectivity solution
  • Graphical user interface to visualize the data

Learn more about the free trial options for WaveAccess Collect and near-shore connectivity solutions! 


Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg Director Strategic Development +352 621 595 957 View full profile
Jasmin Al Amir Head of Solution Sales +358 40 481 2398 View full profile
Henrik Lindqvist Sales Director +46 73-533 21 64 View full profile