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Future of maritime communicationsReal time vessel data is a reality

Cruise & Ferry Review Magazine seeks Telenor Maritime’s opinion on the future

Reading time: 1 minute

As a maritime technology company of long standing, we are often approached for views of what the future holds for maritime communications and tech. We were pleased this month to contribute to an article in the much-respected Cruise and Ferry Review magazine.

CEO of Telenor Maritime, Lars Erik Lunøe offered his thoughts on what the future of marine communications was going to look like for a feature titled “Embarking on Innovation” for this year’s Spring/Summer edition of Cruise and Ferry Review.

With all the advances Telenor Maritime are making on connectivity with both our mesh radio network and maritime broadband, it is becoming increasingly clear that a sustainable, more profitable, safe future for those of us who work and travel at sea is the closest it has ever been.

The next generation of connectivity at sea offers amazing opportunities to revolutionize the way that fleet owners do business. With KNL Networks – a new member of the Telenor family – ships connect to shore by secure radio mesh network which allows instrumentation and telemetry data access up to 10,000 km away. Adoption of innovative technology like this leads to leaner, greener, efficient vessels. Affordable, real-time, global, secure access to onshore maintenance and management is the future.

KNL Networks were acquired by Telenor Maritime late last year and their ground-breaking global secure mesh radio network is now offered as our WaveAccess digital shipping product.

Maritime broadband will evolve with greater speeds at lower cost. Secure connectivity platforms are vital for mobile coverage, remote telemetry and backhaul. Our networks will protect investments, enable cost savings and sustainability, and improve responsiveness and safety

Lars Erik Lunøe, CEO Telenor Maritime

To book a live virtual demo of Telenor Maritime’s Maritime Mesh Network or for more information on maritime digitalisation and WaveAccess email maa@telenormaritime.com 

An extract of this article first appeared in Cruise & Ferry Review Spring/Summer 2021