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Offshore mobile serviceFlexible broadband connectivity for offshore operations

The Offshore Mobile Services provides a high-capacity 4G service to offshore operators and contractors, their crew and guest users requiring internet connection as they travel through the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS).

  • Extensive and growing coverage presence on the NCS
  • Over 60 specific 4G/LTE roaming agreements, enabling access for most mobile subscriptions
  • Parallel 2G network for legacy voice services
  • Option for private mobile networks is available
  • Seamless complementary on-board coverage inside fixed offshore installations
  • Constant development to meet future service demands (ie. Low power IOT sensor coverage and 5G).

Decreased operational cost with increased flexibility

Telenor Maritime deploys 4G/LTE coverage offshore to support the oil & gas and other industries operating out of the NCS. We improve, standardize and simplify the communication between platforms, rigs and vessels. We connect people and devices.

The service provides a reliable high-capacity data stream for any installation or vessel – even for large rigs on the move. The service enables owners to experiment with new ideas for cost saving operations when executing campaigns in a sometimes hazardous environment.

One example is the initiative to have remote operation of subsea remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) from shore. This reduces cost and enables easy access for a multitude of ROV specialists in having a live interaction with ongoing operations.

Another aspect is the ability to have a closed private 4G/LTE network to restrict the data flow to whitelisted units operating for the private network “owner”.

Soon, specialised coverage for units such as battery powered IOT sensors, designed to save power by going into standby mode while not transmitting, will help with further digitalization of the sector – as machines, processes and documentation can be better monitored in real time from shore.