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still; queen anne sea trials 12 feb 24

Delivering advanced connectivity on board Queen Anne

Cunard’s newest ship, the majestic Queen Anne has just embarked on her maiden voyage, equipped with Telenor Maritime’s advanced 5G-ready mobile system. The modern ship will visit over 60 unique destinations in 16 countries, including several trips to the Norwegian fjords this season.

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A New Standard In Passenger Connectivity

The advanced 5G-ready mobile system, delivered by Telenor Maritime, represents a new standard in connectivity at sea. The system demonstrating modernization in maritime operations, will enhance communication for passengers and crew.

The installation enables passengers and crew to seamlessly use their mobile devices for calls, texts, and data at sea. This ensures uninterrupted connectivity throughout the voyage, improving the overall on-board experience.


Crew Communication

A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service has been implemented for crew members to communicate with their loved ones using on-board telephones. This feature aims to boost crew welfare and streamline communication processes on board.

Queen Anne is utilising a combination of Starlink Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, while Telenor Maritime ensures reliable VSAT capacity over Geostationary Orbit (GEO) satellites, for the vessel's connectivity needs.


Maiden Voyage

Queen Anne is a modern, yet timeless ship, under the command of Captain Inger Klein Thorhauge, Cunard’sfirst female captain. The ship was built by the famous Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri, and arrived May 1st in her home port, Southampton. A representative from Telenor Maritime was present on the journey from Italy to the UK.

Throughout her maiden season, Queen Anne will sail from Southampton to the Mediterranean, Scandinavia, the Canary Islands, and the Norwegian Fjords. The luxurious ship has 14 decks, 113,300 gross tons, and can accommodate 3,000 guests. Design highlights include a two-story Royal Court Theatre, 15 restaurants, multiple sports courts, and a wellness center.

Discover more about Queen Anne.

Leading The Way

The integration of the advanced mobile systems on board signifies a step forward in maritime connectivity. As technology continues to evolve, vessels like Queen Anne lead the way in improving the on-board experience for passengers and crew. Telenor Maritime is proud to deliver state of the art communication solutions to the newest member sailing under the Cunard flag.

Queen Anne arrives in Southampton, May 1st 2024. Image courtesy of: Cunard
Queen Anne arrives in Southampton, May 1st 2024. Image courtesy of: Cunard


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