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gullfaks a by øyvind hagen ©equinor

Revolutionising Offshore Connectivity: Equinor's 5G UpgradeSuperior coverage and speed to offshore installations

In a groundbreaking move, Telenor Maritime has launched the first-ever 5G installation in an offshore setting, revolutionising connectivity on Equinor’s offshore installations in the North Sea.

Reading time: 3 minutes

The milestone was achieved with the commissioning of the 5G installation at Gullfaks A in February, replacing the existing 2G/4G setup with a cutting-edge 2G/4G/5G configuration. This achievement underpins Telenor Maritime's expertise in delivering intricate and tailored technology solutions.


Enhancing connectivity for a wider audience

The new 4-sector installation, promises superior coverage and speed. Equinor's decision to overhaul its existing infrastructure underscores their commitment to provide top-tier connectivity. With this upgrade, Equinor ensures its crew and operations at sea benefit from enhanced efficiency, safety, and reliability.

Moreover, the 5G network offers benefits to a wider audience. Passing ships, nearby rigs, and even offshore wind turbines, such as those in the Tampen High Wind Project, can now tap into Equinor's high-speed networks, facilitating a faster and more sustainable energy transfer.

This achievement is made possible by the deployment of new offshore frequency bands: 700 MHz and 2100 MHz. The acquisition of offshore licenses for these bands by both Telenor Maritime and Equinor signals a significant step forward in offshore connectivity.


Setting a new standard for offshore connectivity

This installation encompasses both public and private 4G/5G coverage, spanning five different frequency bands, with radios supporting the 700, 800, 900, 1800 and 2100MHz bands. Such complexity emphasises the pioneering nature of this project, which sets a new standard for offshore connectivity.

Svein Inge Johnsen, Project Manager, expresses pride in this latest project. “I am proud to have been involved in the installation on Gullfaks A which will certainly make waves in the offshore industry. This hasn’t been done before in a maritime environment, and it has been exciting to watch this complex project come together successfully to deliver superior offshore connectivity for Equinor.”

The installation was executed by Bergen Offshore Service, with Telenor Maritime's technical specialists overseeing the finalisation and commissioning. Looking ahead, Telenor Maritime's Network Operations Centre (NOC) will ensure continuous monitoring and management of the 5G network on Gullfaks A.


Further roll out for 5G offshore

Equinor plans to replicate this success on other platforms, further solidifying the integration of 5G technology in the maritime sector. Svein Inge Johnsen expresses enthusiasm for this expansion, “I am thrilled to see 5G roll out offshore, delivering seamless connectivity and breaking new ground in a challenging and complex maritime environment.”

In summary, Equinor's 5G upgrade, facilitated by Telenor Maritime, heralds a new chapter in offshore connectivity, paving the way for future innovations in the maritime industry.

For more information about the article and the technology, kindly contact Morten Aarvik.

Morten Aarvik Sales Manager +47 976 79 854 View full profile