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MCP targets growth with high-profile SVPLead Offshore and Cruise and Ferry segments

Maritime Communication Partner, a leading global provider of on-board communications solutions, has announced the recruitment of two highly experienced senior executives.
Reading time: 4 minutes

Maritime Communication Partner (MCP), a leading global provider of on-board communications solutions, has announced the recruitment of two highly experienced senior executives to lead its dedicated Offshore and Cruise and Ferry Business Units.

Tom Lowehr, until recently the Head of Program Management at Astrium Business Communication, has joined as Senior Vice President (SVP) of the newly launched Offshore business unit, while Lars Munkso, formerly of US stock-listed energy services group Cameron, becomes SVP of the Cruise and Ferry business unit.

“To sign two individuals of this calibre speaks volumes about MCP’s standing in the market,” comments MCP’s Managing Director, Eivind Madsen. “Individually Tom and Lars offer unique and lengthy business experience, while their combined insight and drive will help us build on the success we’ve achieved so far and target new market opportunities.”

A key opportunity lies in Offshore. MCP has over a decade of experience in providing mobile communications solutions to the cruise and ferry segment, where it has emerged as the undisputed market leader – with over 150 individual vessels contracted to its CellAtSea® network, providing over 13million users with seamless mobile coverage in 2012. Now the Telenor-owned, but independently operated, firm is looking to leverage that expertise to break into the dynamic offshore market.

MCP has developed a unique solution for the segment, whereby contracted vessels will be able to provide crews with the facility to communicate at sea as they do on land. This is achieved by connecting to the most appropriate and rational network depending on location, including facilitating connections with both terrestrial networks, up to 50 nautical miles from land, and with networks based on installations in the North Sea.

As Lowehr points out, this promises to revolutionise communications in the sector, while creating real competitive advantages for shipowners that partner with MCP:

“Thanks to the pace of recent technological development there is now an expectation in society that we should always be able ‘to connect’,” explains Lowehr.

“Shipowners in the offshore segment face fierce competition to attract and retain the most skilled crew, with the market clearly showing that profitability and staff retention are closely linked.

We believe our solution yields benefits for all – both for the crew that are able to use their mobiles for entertainment and to reach out to family and friends, and for the shipowners, who provide communication benefits for the ship as a whole, and in doing so offer their crews enhanced quality of life.”

While Lowehr will steer his business unit in a new direction, Munkso is being charged with using his 30 years of industry experience – garnered from the marine and offshore, and oil and gas sectors – to consolidate MCP’s market leadership in the Cruise and Ferry arenas.

“For more than 10 years, MCP has delivered great value and increased passenger satisfaction by embracing the needs of passengers and staff,” he notes, adding: “Expectations today surpass simply calling to and from ships. Customers crave services that add higher value to a journey through constant mobile connectivity, anytime and anywhere.

“I’m excited to take on the challenge of continuing to meet these expectations and enhance guest satisfaction, while increasing crew retention rates and ensuring new revenue streams for shipowners.”

Tom Lowehr biog

Tom Lowehr has over a decade of experience from the satellite service industry, most recently holding the position of Head of Program Management at Austrium Business Communication. His career in the sector started with Taide Network in 2001. He later managed the setup of its Tanzanian operation and the acquisition of a telecom operator license in 2007. After Taide’s acquisition by Vizada, he was appointed as Director Projects & Implementation, and later Technical Director and VP for the Managed Services BU. His previous experience includes 15 years in the software industry and ERP consultancy for O&G and financial institutions. Lowehr holds a Master degree from the Norwegian School of Management.

Lars Munkso biog

Lars Munkso began his international career in 1983. He has since held various management positions within business development, sales & marketing, onsite operations, and manufacturing. His achievements include establishing and developing manufacturing companies in Denmark, Estonia, Germany, USA and China. He has a proven track record of taking the companies he has worked for into leading global positions. His most recent position was with US headquartered business group Cameron. Munkso holds a degree in International Ship Broking.

About Maritime Communications Partner

Maritime Communications Partner (MCP) is the leading on-board communications partner. The company has developed unique technical solutions, providing mobile telephony coverage for people on-board major cruise ships and ferries worldwide, delivering a premium service to MCP’s customers. MCP offices are located centrally in Arendal, Norway and Miami, (FL) USA. MCP is fully owned by Telenor ASA, one of the world’s major mobile operators. Through Telenor, MCP has access to a wide range of competence and resources within market, product, innovation and content development.