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4G infrastructure on Norwegian continental shelf MCP to install with Shell

Maritime Communication Partner (MCP) is teaming up with Shell to install its first LTE base station on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS). The agreement signals the beginning of MCP’s ambitious 4G network roll out across the NCS, connecting platforms, rigs and vessels with high-speed and competitively priced mobile and internet services.

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CP’s base station and associated control systems will be sited on Shell’s iconic Draugen platform, the super major’s first Norwegian platform (beginning production in 1993) and still its most northerly producing site, situated 150 km off the coast of Kristiansund. MCP’s technical team will upgrade the GSM technology that is currently in-situ, with all work scheduled for completion before the end of 2014.

Frode Støldal, MCP CEO, believes the installation will herald a new communication age for businesses and individuals working on the NCS:

“High-speed, reliable mobile networks are taken for granted on land, but, until now, the offshore industry hasn’t been able to enjoy the same standards. This development with Shell is a tangible sign that change is on the way.”

He continues: “4G speeds and a network reach that spans the NCS will deliver real benefits for offshore workers, enabling a digital lifestyle similar to the ones they enjoy at home, while increasing business efficiency, process and performance. It’s the future of offshore communication and we’re delighted that Shell is a key partner in enabling this leap forward.”

MCP committed to upgrading its current GSM proposition to LTE (4G) after winning the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority’s 800Mhz offshore licence on August 18th. The firm is already a leader in the ‘mobile at sea’ industry within the cruise and ferry sectors, and is now focusing on transferring its 12-year track record of success to the offshore segment. It currently works with names such as DeepOcean, Subsea7 and Gulf Offshore.

“MCP has a proven pedigree and is committed to delivering innovative solutions that enhance mobile communications at sea,” Einar Nesvåg,Telecom, Draugen Platform. “Their 4G plans embody that drive and have the potential to benefit everyone working on the NCS. We’re very happy for Draugen, which has been key to our own success here, to play such a crucial role in this new stage of development for the offshore industry.”

Frode Støldal, CEO, MCP

Tom Løwehr, Senior Vice President BU Offshore, MCP