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Mobile Broadband SIM – your global 4G Fleet connectivity140+ countries with predictive zone based pricing

Mobile Broadband SIM is a global connectivity solution. It provides one global SIM-card with one invoice for the whole fleet, as well as detailed reporting, cost management and tracking in one place.

Mobile Broadband SIM provides you with:

  • Competitive pricing for 6 worldwide zones
  • Predictable roaming charges
  • Prevent bill shocks from pricey roaming partners
  • Global 4G/LTE connectivity with a single SIM
  • Set usage and cost limits at the management portal
  • One overall invoice with detailed reporting for your internal invoicing
  • Secure connectivity by design


Simple pricing model at six zones worldwide

Bill shock proof connectivity

Through our SIM Management Portal you will get a full overview of the use of the sim-cards. We prevent potential bill-shock at source by blocking expensive countries and blocking expensive networks.

Predictible pricing

The pricing is split into different optional zones which makes the pricing far more predictable. We offer one overall invoice with details per ship, to make internal invoicing easy and less time consuming.

Download list of available countries 

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