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Telenor Maritime and Red Bull MOBILE launch exclusive partnership

Cruise and ferry passengers around the world can finally enjoy transparent pricing and affordable data packages at sea!  

Telenor Maritime and Red Bull MOBILE have signed a roaming agreement that allows Red Bull MOBILE to offer affordable data plans to passengers roaming into the Telenor Maritime mobile network on board ships.

By downloading the Red Bull MOBILE eSIM app and purchasing the “Maritime” package, passengers can surf at predictable and affordable costs while they are sailing. The app-based eSIM enables passengers from any location to browse the internet worldwide, without the worry of bill shocks.

Telenor Maritime network is available on over 150 ships around the world, serving more than 30 000 passengers daily. Where some passengers were not able to use the roaming on board ships due to very high roaming charges from their home operators, they can now download the Red Bull MOBILE eSIM app and choose between two fixed-price maritime data packages: 250 MB for 5 Euro, and 1 GB for 15 Euro. The app is available for download at Apple and Google app store,  allowing travellers to purchase the data package in advance of sailing. It is important to understand that the Maritime data package can only be used when the ship is in international waters.  

An eSIM is an industry standard digital SIM that replaces or complements the physical, removable SIM card in mobile phones and devices. A device can usually have multiple eSIMs installed, allowing the user to switch between different cellular plans.

The Red Bull MOBILE Maritime data package was launched on 2nd of April 2024 and can already be used on over 150 cruise ships and ferries.

Screenshot of Telenor Maritime landing page on Red Bull MOBILE eSIM webpage.
Screenshot of Telenor Maritime landing page on Red Bull MOBILE eSIM webpage.