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shippax2021 group telenor stand

Telenor Maritime at Shippax 2021Both speaker and sponsor at major ferry conference

Telenor Maritime is attending the major ferry conference Shippax, as both speaker and sponsor. This year, The popular two-day conference is hosted on board DFDS Pearl Seaways, sailing between Copenhagen and Oslo. The conference attracts between 400-500 delegates from the ferry industry around the world.

We at Telenor Maritime will focus on connectivity and how it enables the maritime digitalisation throughout the event. We will both do talks and meet up with conference participants. We have several representatives at the event, with both technical and use-case expertise.

Product portfolio for a greener maritime future

The event is a great chance to learn more about what we call hybrid connectivity, and why that’s favourable for most, but especially passenger vessels. With hybrid connectivity, the ship connects to multiple backhaul solutions, such as satellites, radio link, mobile broadband etc. The solution will pick one or more backhauls based on both price and demand. A key advantage is that the solution easily connects to new and upcoming technologies – such as the new low-orbit satellites.

Another focus area is onboard digitalisation. Telenor Maritime is developing Unified Hosting Service™ (UHS®). The need for such service may not be obvious if you are new to maritime digitalisation. But when you have started this process, you quickly discover that you need some sort of open interface to be able to use the digital data – both on board and on shore. The UHS® lets you tap into and utilize your data instantly. The solution also keeps all data tidy and structured, paving the way for low-cost data integration into any solution.

From left: Knut Fjellheim, Henrik Lindqvist, Kate Smeland Knudsen, Roger Vimme, Jan Espen Myhren and Ann-Kari Heier from Telenor Maritime.

There have been a lot of interest around our long-range HF Radio mesh network, capable of far-shore connectivity without using satellites. This extremely secure solution is highly reliable all over the world. It has a low bandwidth that works excellent for IoT-data and text-based communication. The HF Radio, used by both security and defence institutions, is now available for the commercial marked.

If you’d like to know more about Telenor Maritime’s hybrid connectivity solutions, UHS and maritime digitalisation, please contact us at salesteam@telenormaritime.com.