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Offshore: FisheriesVSAT solutions enable mobile communications from remote fishing grounds

We are building coverage on oil fields for rigs and vessels.Coverage gaps between the on-shore and offshore networks are provided with VSAT enabling seamless communications.

Backhaul is critical, today’s modern oil fields require effective ‘always on’ communication between platforms, rigs, ships, and land. Telenor Maritime offers both regional VSAT on Ku band and C band, through our partners, a major European satellite provider of broadcast and data communication services for customers in the maritime, and oil and gas markets.

Thor 7 Coverage: Regional VSAT in Northern Europe

Telenor Maritime offer better coverage and speeds in Europe for our customers with Thor 7 Ka-band High Throughput Satellite (HTS) with payload offering 6-9Gbps with up to 25 simultaneously active spot beams.

Thor 6 Coverage

We can offer regional coverage on the Thor 6 satellite. Thor 6 has an excellent footprint for ships operating in Northern Europe, the North Sea basin, and the Norwegian Sea. Our satellite communication solutions combined with Telenor’s extensive experience in terrestrial communication networks in this region ensures the best marine data and voice communication solution available today