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OffshoreEnabling the best mobile experience at sea

The offshore oil & gas industry faces difficult times and improving operational efficiency is key in adapting to changed conditions. Consumers expect to have access to the same services wherever they are; on land, on board a supply vessel, rig or even an oil platform.

Mobile technology has changed people’s life. Thanks to the incredible development of quality and capacity, mobile technology has changed the banking, travel and entertainment industries. It impacts not only how we live, but how we work.

Telenor Maritime builds 4G coverage offshore to support the oil & gas industry. We improve, standardize and simplify the communication between platforms, rigs and vessels. We connect people and devices.

We achieve operational efficiency through our mobile centric solution, ensuring optimal service by using backhaul paths.

Communication is mission critical; with over 100 years of experience in maritime communications, we understand the requirements and challenges of working offshore. The technology changes, the reliability sustains.

Telenor Maritime gives you the best mobile experience offshore, at work, and in your spare time.

Offshore Mobile Coverage