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FisheriesCommunication for fishing vessels

Our new mobile system solution lets fishermen use their mobile phones at sea. Installation is quick and return on investment comes fast.

Today being out of touch is not an option for most people. Trawler crews have had to accept this until now. But Telenor Maritime’s breakthrough solutions mean trawler owners can offer this connectivity to workers whatever their location and environment.

Happier crews are good for business

To attract and retain the most skilled and motivated staff ship owners can now make mobile services available to officers and crew at sea, enabling key personnel to be reached at all times. By moving with the times in this way fisheries employers can significantly improve crew welfare.

Easy installation

Our solution is quick and inexpensive to install. Superior state of the art technology ensures great user experiences that are affordable to end users and deliver a financial return to providers. Truly plug and play, it comprises a VSAT-antenna with a custom developed onboard GSM-network fine-tuned to get the most out of the available bandwidth. Installation is rapid and can be carried out when and where convenient.

Ensuring good mobile communications is vital. We have therefore decided to equip all our ships with GSM-coverage. Advice and solutions from Telenor Maritime provides us with the best and most cost-efficient communications solutions.

Bent Ulleland, Havfisk ASA

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