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Juho JaakolaHead of Maritime Systems Sales

Sales & Marketing - Maritime Systems
Head of Maritime Systems Sales

Juho has been at the forefront of building digital solutions for the maritime industry for most of his professional career. With a Master of Science degree from the University of Oulu and more than 20 years of experience in management and business or technical development, he is a highly knowledgeable and valuable member of the Telenor Maritime team. In his role as Head of Maritime System Sales he is the go-to person to speak about maritime digitalisation solutions. His everyday passion is to succeed and find solutions that benefit our customers, as well as finding ways for different stakeholders to cooperate together to create true value in the maritime business. Juho is always ready to discuss technologies and solutions. 

Contact Juho by phone or use the contact form:

Juho Jaakola´s articles:

Maritime Predictive Maintenance

To survive and thrive through challenging times needs proactive leadership rather than reactive. In the shipping business, waiting for something to go wrong before you try and fix it risks putting strain on other components, as well as waste fuel, lose time, miss opportunities and risk safety.

Digital ships and fleet

Onboarding Maritime Digital – A watertight plan for growth