An affordable and easy way to send business-critical data to shore

Maritime digital transformation starts here

Our new technology provides reliable and affordable data access through a secure mesh-network for the maritime industry anywhere in the world.

Heterogenous fleet

Collect and access data from existing sensors, equipment, navigation and automation systems on a vessel

One solution

Prioritise, condition and prepare the collected IoT data to be sent to shore

Harmonised data

Enables efficient data management and effortless comparison with impact throughout the fleet

Removing the ‘digital divide’ between land and sea

At Telenor Maritime, we believe that the maritime industry should have access to the same technology and innovation, as available on land. On the 20th of November 2020, we acquired KNL Networks, a company that has developed a unique system for providing data access through a secure global mesh network. Read the press release here With this new technology and our vast experience, we are now addressing the challenges that have delayed the digital transformation in our industry.

Industrial companies do not have access to connectivity on board vessels

We provide vendors with a dedicated channel for two-way communication with their onboard machinery from shore.

Security risk – Currently no secure IoT connection available for critical systems

We encrypt data and transmit it via a secure, independent channel, which is extremely difficult to attack.

Current costs of digitalisation outweigh the benefits

Easy installation, maintenance and upgrading benefit ship owners and service providers alike.

There are no solutions offering global and reliable connectivity

We supply connectivity anywhere, anytime, allowing real-time access to operation-critical data.

Affordable, risk-free IoT communication for your business

We provide secure and affordable end-to-end solutions for digitalising your entire fleet. Our product modularity enables complete customisation according to customer needs with military-grade security.

Integration with existing equipment and sensors

Possibility to utilise 3rd party applications for data analysis

100% Reliable and secure real-time access globally

Minimum setup time and can be installed by the crew

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