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Satellite: FisheriesVSAT solutions enable mobile communications from remote fishing grounds

Telenor Maritime focus strongly on fisheries with satellite, data and GSM services for mobile communications. The new mobile services developed for the fisheries enable the crew to use their mobile phones just as on land even though they are on the fishing grounds such as the Barents Sea. Modern shipping requires effective ‘always on’ communication between ship and land. Demand for cost-effective, high capacity communication channels is surging. Internet access and email on board are both essential to operations and vital to attracting and retain motivated, professional crews.

Thor 7 Coverage: Regional VSAT in Northern Europe

The THOR 7 satellite provides regional coverage with a favourable look angle over the Pan European maritime routes and utilises focused high-powered spot beams, enabling unprecedented performance for mobility applications as well as automatic and seamless spot-beam handover, assuring continuous connectivity across the entire satellite footprint.

Thor 6 Coverage: Regional VSAT in Northern Europe

For ships requiring VSAT in our areas, we can offer regional coverage on the Thor 6 satellite. Thor 6 has an excellent footprint for ships operating in Northern Europe, the North Sea basin, and the Norwegian Sea. Our satellite communication solutions combined with Telenor’s extensive experience in terrestrial communication networks in this region ensures the best marine data and voice communication solution available today.