WiFi: Cruise

Telenor Maritime delivers professional Wi-Fi networks enabling the smart ship.

The solution includes network planning, engineering, and a management platform to monitor end user experience, network health and traffic levels. We also provide Wi-Fi sales solutions, including vouchers and credit card authentication and billing. Our access control interface enables bandwidth configuration, traffic shaping and QoS settings per network and per application among other functions. We guarantee excellent QoS and fair access to our customers while maintaining a clear overview of network status and usage.

Because Telenor Maritime’s premium Wi-Fi solution has location-based services it can be used to analyze passenger behaviors. Via our customized application on mobile devices we can create a simple, friendly channel for ship personnel to interact with guests, also perfect for onboard marketing and communications.

  • Optimal Network Planning and Engineering
    • Services require different bandwidth and densities of the access point. E.g. voice over Wi-Fi and local content streaming require higher density to achieve low latency and high speeds for a satisfactory user experience
  • QoS Management
    • Bandwidth allocation and control
    • Traffic Shaping
    • Premium access
  • Wi-Fi Payment Solution (WPS)
    • Voucher and Credit Card Payment
    • Integration with Online Booking
    • Capacity monitoring
    • VAT Handling
  • Performance Monitoring and Alarm Handling
  • Application integration
  • Optimized backhaul solutions