passenger ship photo by alonso reye

Large scaleMobile-centric connectivity and backhaul

In the course of the last few years, Telenor Maritime has taken a strong position as a highly advanced turnkey supplier of VSAT services in northern Europe.

Literally all customers are experienced VSAT users coming from offshore supply, in harsh weather conditions, cruise, ferry, and ocean fishery. Our customer’s expectations and demands are therefore challenging, and our solutions with bundled services have been tested to the edge of available technology. Some of our customer’s ships are sailing in remote areas of the world, like MS Fram cruising in Arctic & Antarctic.

The alliance between Telenor Maritime and partners give power to our global presence for VSAT services.

Key Benefits

  • Global coverage in C and Ku band, with unique capabilities to overlay traditional wide beam capacity together with HTS spot beam capacity from a single orbital slot, allowing reception of wide area broadcast together with high throughput datacom solutions simultaneously
  • Support for multiple antennae, multi-band VSAT configuration to minimize the potential for service interruptions thereby maximizing the broadband at sea experience for guests and crew
  • Teleport diversity significantly improves overall network availability by mitigating the potential for service disruptions at the hub due to rain fade and providing gateway redundancy.
  • Commitment to innovation and investment in next generation satellite payloads; significant investment in HTS assets; launch manifest as described below.
  • The new HTS assets will offer capacity in the very popular Ku-band frequency allowing our customers to re-deploy legacy Ku-band systems for which investments have already been made.

Thor 7 Coverage: Regional VSAT in Northern Europe

The THOR 7 satellite provides regional coverage with a favourable look angle over the Pan European maritime routes and utilises focused high-powered spot beams, enabling unprecedented performance for mobility applications as well as automatic and seamless spot-beam handover, assuring continuous connectivity across the entire satellite footprint.

Thor 6 Coverage: Regional VSAT in Northern Europe

For ships requiring VSAT in our areas, we can offer regional coverage on the Thor 6 satellite. Thor 6 has an excellent footprint for ships operating in Northern Europe, the North Sea basin, and the Norwegian Sea. Our satellite communication solutions combined with Telenor’s extensive experience in terrestrial communication networks in this region ensures the best marine data and voice communication solution available today.